An Art Show in Riverside Church

I really like the elevators in Riverside Church. There’s little foot traffic and rarely any congestion, so my rides down from the fourth floor—where the Spectator offices reside—down to the entrance level, are normally quick, solitary, and uninterrupted. Today, though, the elevator stops three times. Ding! A woman, cradling her purse like a baby, scurries in with four friends. Ding! A family of three, downed in matching deep-blue satin and magenta velvet, flood through the doors. Ding! We stampede out into the assembly hall where a jazz ensemble greets us.

It’s February 18, and Riverside Church is currently housing the Harlem Fine Arts Show (HFAS). A four-day event, HFAS makes two of the church’s floors play host to the largest traveling African Diasporic art show in the United States. The first HFAS was held at the Harlem Armory in 2009, with less than a thousand visitors. Now in its ninth annual iteration here at Riverside Church, across the street from Columbia’s department of religion and our Institute of African Studies, HFAS’s attendance has multiplied 15-fold. Yet, I don’t see another Columbia student that I recognize in attendance.

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