HFAs 2015 – Artist Spotlight – Jean Claude Legagneur

ean-Claude Legagneur was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is a painter who has a predilection clearly marked by figurative art. The canvases of Jean-Claude put aside integrated esthetics, are sought-after for the feeling of marvelous pleasure that they procure to our look. The way that he organizes his canvas, the suggested relation between shade and light, the technique of distribution of colors and deterioration of the nuances confers to its canvases sweetness, harmony, serenity and especially an elegance that recalls the big classics.

His obvious preference for human figures does not however limit his style and future development. His most recent creations have been revealing a NEW STAGE OF HIS ART. This new style produces oversized portraits that capture human expressions at their best. A self-developed style of painting which, at times, combines a nuance of Impressionism, Pop Art and Abstractionism.

Jean-Claude Legagneur left Haiti to study Art at the Student League of New York and the Brooklyn Museum until 1974. He has exhibit from 1974 around the world. Throughout the years, he exhibits at Galery Taj New York, follows in Washington DC at Volta Place Gallery, in North Carolina Winston Salem RGI Gallery. Pyo Gallery in South Korea, one of his paintings was chosen for the cover of the catalog. In 1990 in the International Show of Tokyo. ”Centre des Beaux Arts”, Venezuela. Washington DC. He participates in Auction in Paris , Drouot, Auction at the Franjul’s in the Dominican Republic ect.

He was honored by Governor George Pataki. He was commissioned to paint a 65 feet Mural in JFK Airport in New York city, Commissioned to paint The Queen of Spain Sofia, Kofy Anan, Princess Grace of Monaco. His art is in the collection of the Vatican, Palace of Spain, Admiral Club Miami International Airport and many other important institutions.

Fortune Magazine, New York Times, The Miami Herald have articles about the artist Jean-Claude Legagneur.

“Painting is the reflection of a personality. An artist cannot copy another one. The soul decides the direction .Art is the expression of the Soul. Observation is the secret for creation. As a humanitarian, I give one of my creations yearly to auction for charity, it’s my way of thanking the Almighty for the precious gift of PAINTING.”

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